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kettle BO2000EN

- Temperature control
Select the right temperature 5°C to 5°C with a single touch.

- Temperature - touch control
Thanks to the thermostat (40°C-100°C) you can easily select the good temperature for each drink.

kettle BO1200EN

- Kettle - 6 programmes
Green tea, black tea, herbal tea, coffee... With its 6 preset programs, select the water temperature to prepare tea or any other hot drink perfectly.

kettle BO811N

Compact format with built-in base
Heating element is hidden and the cord can be stored in the base.

Graduated interior reservoir
Enables to heat the exact amount of water.

kettle BO1215N

- Compact size
It's 1.2L capacity will allow you to take it everywhere! 

- Ergonomics
The lid can be opened directly via the handle. 

Compare up to 3 products